Thursday, August 03, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of new movie "Funouhan" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new movie "Funouhan" has been announced. The film which is based on the ongoing same-titled manga by Miyatsuki Arata and Kanzaki Yuuya, features Matsuzaka Toori as Usobuki Tadashi who is a mysterious man with red eyes, wears black suits with a wine-red shirt and possesses a special power which will drive people to their death through methods such as curses and brainwashing. However, it is impossible for his crimes to be proven in court thus Usobuki cannot be taken to justice for the killings he did on behalf of his clients. Sawajiri Erika plays the role of Tada Tomoko who is a police detective and the only person who cannot be controlled by Usobuki. She is the number one beauty in the police station who hates lies and beating around the bush. Although she may speak harshly, she's actually very caring towards her subordinates and even the criminals. In the original manga, this character is actually a man but it was decided to change this to a female instead so as to contrast against the evil and bewitching Usobuki.

Arata Mackenyu will be playing a newbie police officer Momose Asao who has a strong sense of justice and is serious about his work while Mamiya Shotaro plays a former delinquent Kawabata Takeru. Mano Erina plays Kimura Yu who hires Usobuki to kill someone for her due to a sad reason while Yu's elder sister Yumehara Risa who is a popular jewellery designer will be played by Ashina Sei. Yada Akiko will play Yame Mifuyu who is Tada's senior in the police force while Yasuda Ken will be playing Kawatsumura Hiroshi who is a forensics officer with a hidden past. Tada's boss Akai Yoshiki will be played by Wada Ted. Other co-stars include Sugaya Tetsuya, Okazaki Sae, Mikami Kensei, Konno Hiroki, Hotta Akane and Kobayashi Nenji.


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