Friday, July 07, 2017

Takahashi Issei & Takei Emi star in Shiseido's short drama "Laundry Snow"

Takahashi Issei and Takei Emi will be appearing in a short drama titled "Laundry Snow" produced by Shiseido in conjunction with the launch of its whitening skincare powder "Whitening Face Powder 2017" on 21 September. The two-part drama i.e. morning version titled "21:25 Tokyo Hatsu Prague Iki" and night version "Natsu no sora ni, furu yuki wa" will be shown via the special website from 7 July.  The theme song of the drama "SURELY" is sung by rock band never young beach featuring Takahashi's younger brother Abe Yuma as its vocalist.

The morning story features Takahashi as the owner of a 24-hour laundry shop and Takei as a customer named Hana who comes in suddenly to request for cleaning services. The mystery behind the owner's words, his brooding expressions and the "deep love" will be revealed in the night version where another customer Tsubaki (also played by Takei) comes by to ask to remove a stain from a white blouse just as what Hana had asked for. As it had been 5 years since the two of them last worked together, Takei commented that this was a rare and precious experience while Takahashi jokingly said that it was a heart-throbbing experience for a middle-aged uncle like him.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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