Monday, July 17, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of new movie "Owatta Hito" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new movie "Owatta Hito"starring Tachi Hiroshi and Kuroki Hitomi has been announced. The movie is based on the same-titled novel by scriptwriter Uchidata Makiko and will be directed by Nakata Hideo. It will be shown in cinemas next year.

The story features Tachi as the lead character Tashiro Sousuke who worked in a major bank and looked like he was on the path to success when he got transferred to a subsidiary and is about to retire without any achievement to his name. However, having been so focused on work over the past few decades, Sousuke desires to continue working or else he won't be able to continue living without a purpose. Without any special skills, he can't find anything in particular to do. Upon seeing this, his wife Chigusa (Kuroki) who works as a hairdresser and his daughter jokingly suggest that Sousuke should find someone to date. Coincidentally, Sousuke indeed finds someone who he is interested but things do not turn out the way he wants and his life starts to take on an uncontrollable twist.

Hirosue Ryoko will be playing Hamada Kuri who works as the receptionist at a culture school which Sousuke is attending and writes fairy tales for children during her free time. As the both of them come from Iwate Prefecture and Kuri's attitude causes Sousuke to misunderstand that she has an interest in him, he is being twisted around her little finger even though she may not mean it consciously. Hirosue commented that this is a very difficult character for her as Kuri is neither Sousuke's mistress nor lover so she will have to strike a fine balance in Kuri's relationship with Sousuke. In addition, this is the largest age gap so far i.e. 28 years for her onscreen love interest. As for working with Tachi for the first time, she commented that he looks too cool for a man at retirement age and it's interesting to see him in such a comedic story. Since young, she has always loved his acting in "Abunai Deka" so to be able to see him act up close and personal and show his passion for acting was a very great experience.

Other co-stars include Usuda Asami who plays Yamazaki Michiko, the daughter of Sousuke and Chigusa and Taguchi Tomorowo who plays Aoyama Toshihiko, an illustrator.

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