Monday, July 03, 2017

Production press conference of MBS / TBS Summer 2017 drama "Maji de koukai shimasu"

The production press conference of MBS / TBS Summer 2017 drama "Maji de koukai shimasu" was held on 30 June which was attended by the cast members Iitoyo Marie, Takeda Rena, Sakurada Dori, Yuuhi, Kobayashi Yutaka and Tsuchida Takumi. The drama begins its run via MBS and TBS on 2nd July and 4th July respectively.

The drama is an original story featuring first-year university students Sakamoto Marin (Iitoyo) and Ishikawa Tsubame (Takeda) who aspire to become ship navigation officers and undergo an one-month training. Besides having to cope with the tough training and sea-sickness, the girls are also caught in a reverse harlem situation where 80 percent of the students in the course are men. Marin is oblivious to her surroundings but has a strong passion for boats and refuses to give up while Tsubame repeated a year to get into the maritime systems engineering course which she still regrets to this day. However, as a result of her interaction with Marin, she slowly undergoes a change in her mentality.

The leads who appeared in the uniforms of navigation officers, remarked that they kept wearing overalls in most of the scenes so it was a refreshing change for them to be in formal wear. Iitoyo praised Takeda for looking great in the uniform with her slim legs while Takeda returned the favour by saying that Iitoyo's fair complexion matched the white uniform well. When asked if there was any scene so far which left a deep impression on them, Iitoyo revealed that Marin and Tsubame had scenes in the shower room for every episode but the bathroom was so small that they felt as if their skin was in contact all the time which they felt had helped them become closer indirectly. On the other hand, Takeda cited the scenes where she had to show that Tsubame was suffering from seasickness so she had to make various weird faces to meet the director's expectations.

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