Monday, July 03, 2017

Moriyama Mirai & Tsuchiya Tao to star in new stage play "Pluto"

Moriyama Mirai & Tsuchiya Tao will be starring in the new stage play "Pluto" which will be performed at Shibuya Theatre Cocoon from 7 January 2018 to 28 January 2018 before having its overseas performances in Europe i.e. the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium from February. The Osaka performances of this stage play will be held in March. This will be Tsuchiya's first appearance in a stage play and the duo's first overseas stage performances. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin in autumn this year.

The story comes from Urasawa Naoki's same-titled manga which is based on the world's largest robot featured in Tezuka Osamu's manga "Tetsuwan Atom" and describes an era when human beings and robots live together in harmony. However, when the strongest robots get destroyed one by one, Atom and the police robot Gejihito try to solve the mystery surrounding these cases. The stage version was first performed in 2015 with Moriyama as the lead and he will be playing Atom again in the 2018 version. Tsuchiya will be playing two roles i.e. Uran (Atom's younger sister) and Helena (Gejihito's wife) while Emoto Akira will be playing Atom's creator Professor Tenma. Yoshimi Kazutoyo will be playing Professor Ochanomizu and Daito Shunsuke will be playing Gejihito. Last but not least, Fukikoshi Mitsuru will be playing a genius scholar Aburaa.

Source: Nikkansports / Sponichi

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