Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Completion premiere event of new movie "Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda"

The completion premiere event of new movie "Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda" was held at Roppongi Hills Arena on 5 July which was attended by the director Kumazawa Naoto and cast members Nakajima Kento, Yoshine Kyoko, Ishii Anna and Kanichiro. The movie will be shown in cinemas from 22 July. About 1,000 fans gathered for the event despite the pouring rain which led Nakajima to express his thanks to everyone for showing up to support them.

The story set in a high school at Chichibu, Saitama, features Sakagami Takumi (Nakajima), a senior high school student poor at interacting with others gets appointed to become a member of the local interaction committee along with his classmate Naruse Jun (Yoshine). Jun is unable to speak due to a traumatic experience in the past and would suffer stomachaches if she attempts to speak to others. Initially, the two are unsure of how to deal with each other but through working on a musical performance for the committee, they gradually become closer. Ishii plays Takumi's ex-girlfriend Nitou Natsuki while Kanichiro plays Tasaki Daiki who is the pitcher of the school's baseball team and suffered an injury to his knee.

In line with the movie's theme, the cast were asked if they are the types to say what's on their minds. Nakajima commented that he's the frank type but will adjust the words he says and how he says it depending on who he is talking to. In response, Yoshine and Ishii both chipped in to say that he behaves like a prince all the time and is so good at interacting with people. For example, Ishii revealed that Nakajima never showed it when he was tired and when asked if there was anything he found tough and unbearable, he replied with the answer that everything comes with a happy ending in his life so there was nothing he felt was tough. Yoshine  also commented that there was a question asked about what he would like to have as his last supper in life which he replied that there is no last day in his life. Upon hearing the revelations of his co-stars, Nakajima was very embarrassed and asked them to stop it. Kanichiro then followed up with a comment that Nakajima is always like this when he speaks and joked that he actually feels quite "disgusted" by it.

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