Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Nagayama Kento & Oomori Nao as double leads for new TV Tokyo Summer 2017 drama "Izakaya Fuji"

Nagayama Kento and Oomori Nao will be joint leads in the new TV Tokyo Summer 2017 drama "Izakaya Fuji" (Bar Fuji) which will begin its run from July in the Saturdays 12.20am timeslot. Prior to this, Amazon Prime Video will be exclusively showing the drama one week before its OA start date.

The drama is set in an izakaya named Izakaya Fuji that exists in real-life at Naka Meguro and describes the life story of the owner of the place who was nicknamed Oyaji and passed away in 2014. Nagayama plays a struggling actor named Nishio Eiichi who keeps getting roles to play dead people. One day, in order to boost his spirits, he tries to find an izakaya which he saw on the Instagram account of a girl he likes and ends up at Izakaya Fuji which is filled with signature boards of the famous and has a strong Showa feel. What's more he finds actor Oomori Nao there (Oomori playing himself)! Through his interaction with the people there, Nishio gradually realises what is important to him in life. The dishes served at the bar will also be featured in the drama.

Nagayama revealed that there will be big-name guests featured in each episode and it has been a stimulating experience to act in scenes which are usually seen during auditions or workshops. On the other hand, Oomori who is a regular at the real Izakaya Fuji, praised the staff for being to replicate the bar as it is which will give the impression that they filmed at the actual bar. As for playing himself again, Oomori joked that TV Tokyo seems to have a penchance for getting actors to take on their real identities in dramas since he also did the same in the drama "Byplayers".

The ending theme song titled "Yoru no Kumo" (Night Clouds) will be sung by the band Tsuki ni hoeru where Oomori is the vocalist and guitarist.

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