Monday, April 03, 2017

Supporting cast lineup of new Tokai TV & WOWOW Spring 2017 drama "Hanzai Shoukougun" announced

The supporting cast lineup of new Tokai TV & WOWOW's Spring 2017 drama "Hanzai Shoukougun" has been announced. The drama which is the first collaboration between both TV stations, is based on the three-part "Shoukougun" novel series by writer Nukui Tokuro where "Shissou Shoukougun" (Disappearance Syndrome) and "Yuukai Shoukougun" (Kidnap Syndrome) will form Season 1 while "Satsujin Shoukougun" (Murder Syndrome) will be made into Season 2.

Tamayama Tetsuji plays the role of Muto Takashi who is a former police detective using illegal methods to solve cases which are difficult to handle by the police while Tanihara Shosuke plays Muto's buddy and a police detective Kaburagi Wataru and Watabe Atsuro plays Tamaki Keigo who takes charge of the special missions given to Muto. While exploring the lives of these men, the topic of whether revenge is right or wrong is discussed in this suspense drama.

In Season 1, it features the story of how Muto's younger sister was killed by an underaged person and didn't get his due punishment. Although he had the urge to take revenge for his sister, the murderer suddenly committed suicide. Muto realised that this frightening trait in his character which could bring him over the edge and decided to quit being a police detective. One year later, he starts to take on cases from the police assigned by Tamaki which they are not in a convenient position to handle. Season 2 describes how Kaburagi who used to date Muto's sister gets trapped by the consequence of his decision to take revenge and how he and Kaburagi clash over their views about revenge as well as how this leads to a tragic ending for them.

Mimura will be playing the role of Isomura Sakiko who used to be a nursery teacher but quit to take care of her sick mother. Tsuruta Mayu will play Muto's wife Masae while Kaname Jun plays a mysterious charismatic figure in the cyber world who makes use of Sakiko's loneliness to commit a kidnapping. Co-stars also include Sakurada Hiyori who plays Muto's daughter Mariko, Komoto Masahiro, Aijima Kazuyuki and Ryu Raita.


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