Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Tokyo Ghoul" to be screened as scheduled from 29 July 2017

Following the sudden retirement of Shimizu Fumika, the official website of new movie "Tokyo Ghoul" which features her as the heroine, finally confirmed on 14 March that the movie will be screened as planned from 29 July 2017. In the statement, there was an apology for the delay in releasing the news as well as causing worry and concern over the movie's release due to the situation with Shimizu. After discussions with various parties, it was decided that the movie will be shown nationwide from the original release date. It was also mentioned that the theme of the movie which features ghouls and humans is an important topic which they wish to convey to everyone and that everyone including the original manga's author Ishida Sui, the cast and staff worked very hard to make this movie which they hope will be seen by as many people as possible. Besides Shimizu, the cast includes Kubota Masataka who plays the lead character Kaneki Ken as well as Suzuki Nobuyuki, Aoi Yu and Ooizumi Yo.

The story is set in Tokyo where ordinary people and ghouls who look like humans but need to eat human flesh in order to survive live together. While on a date with a ghoul Rize (Aoi), Kaneki meets with an accident which results in him being sent to hospital for surgery using Rize's organs. When Kaneki recovers, he discovers that he has become a half-ghoul and must cope with the changes in his body while from keeping the truth from the people he loves and his friends and evading the pursuit of CCG i.e. Commission of Counter Ghoul, the government agency which deals with crimes related to ghouls. Oizumi Yo will be playing the role of Mado Kureo, a veteran investigator of the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) who had his family killed by the Ghouls and has a strong instinct and cold character. As he has an unusual attachment to the weapons used by the investigators to deal with Ghouls, he is viewed as a weirdo by his colleagues. Mado's partner Amon Koutarou will be played by Gekidan EXILE's Suzuki Nobuyuki who graduated from the investigators' academy with top grades and is highly skilled in combat sports.

Source: Oricon

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