Monday, March 06, 2017

Supporting cast lineup for TV Tokyo drama SP "Kajitsu no nai mori" announced

The supporting cast lineup for TV Tokyo drama SP "Kajitsu no nai mori" starring Higashiyama Noriyuki and Nakayama Miho has been announced. The drama is based on the same-titled novel by Matsumoto Seicho and will be shown at 9pm on 29 March.

Higashiyama plays the role of Umeki Ryusuke, a creative planner working in an advertising company who happens to meet a mysterious beautiful woman Eto Miyuki (Nakayama) and her male companion while returning from a drive as they try to hitch a ride from him. However, he finds out that the man died suddenly in a strange way while getting increasingly obsessed with Miyuki. When he realises later that the men around her die one after another under mysterious conditions, Umeki sets out to find the truth out of fear for his own safety.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi will be playing Kusuo Hidemichi, the president of a company which has dealings with Umeki's advertising company while Aibu Saki will play Fujimura Mayumi, Umeki's girlfriend. Owada Baku will be playing Hamada Hiroshi who was with Miyuki when she met Umeki and Watanabe Ikkei will play Watabe Shinji who is Umeki's boss. Fukikoshi Mitsuru will be playing Inoue Kotaro who is Umeki's ex-classmate and works as a journalist. Last but not least, Terajima Susumu will be playing Shimazaki Yoshiki, the police detective who is investigating the cases happening around Miyuki.

Source: Oricon

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