Friday, March 17, 2017

Supporting cast line-up of NTV Spring 2017 drama "Boku, Unmei no hito desu" announced

The supporting cast line-up of new NTV Spring 2017 drama "Boku, Unmei no hito desu" starring Kamenashi Kazuya, Kimura Fumino and Yamashita Tomohisa has been announced. The drama begins its run from April in the Saturdays 10pm timeslot and features Kamenashi as a company employee Masaki Makoto who goes all out to woo the women who he thinks of as his soulmate despite being rejected all the time. When he meets a practical OL (Kimura) named Kogetsu Haruko who doesn't believe in destiny, he confesses his love for her but to no avail because she wants to have a relationship which is safe and fail-proof. Just then, a mysterious man calling himself as God (Yamashita) appears and offers him advice on how to woo his soulmate.

Nanao who will be working with Kimura for the third time, will play Haruko's colleague and buddy Yotsuya Mie who is a carefree person and a great help in Haruko's love life. As she will not be playing an evil woman this year, she is very looking forward to acting in this drama. Tanabe Seiichi will be playing Karasuda Shokichi who is the diretor at Makoto's company while Haruko's parents Daichi and Yoshie will be played by Sugimoto Tetta and Ishino Mako. Ookura Koji will play Sekihara Tsuguru, Makoto's superior and Sawabe Yu will play Makoto's colleague Katsuragi Kazuo who entered the company at the same time as him. Last but not least, Watanabe Eriko will be playing Hatozaki Sumire who is Haruko's and Mie's superior at work.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sponichi / Oricon

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