Friday, March 17, 2017

Premiere screening event & completion press conference of new movie "ReLIFE"

The premiere screening event and completion press conference of new movie "ReLIFE" was held on 8 March which was attended by the director Furusawa Takeshi and cast members Nakagawa Taishi, Taira Yuna, Chiba Yuudai, Ikeda Elaiza and Okazaki Sae. The movie will be shown in cinemas from 15 April and is based on the manga by Yayoiso published on comico. Nakagawa plays the lead character Kaizaki Arata who is a 27-year-old NEET approached by a mysterious man Yoake Ryo (Chiba) from the ReLife Research Institute who offers him the opportunity to go back to his high school days 10 years ago for a limited period of one year as their test subject. During the period, he gradually falls in love with his classmate Hishiro Chizuru (Taira).

When Nakagawa first heard about the movie's offer, he was shocked to be playing a 27-year-old man even though he is only 18 and had played senior high school or university students most of the time todate. As such, he had to ditch his past experience and do a lot of research and imagine how he should behave as an adult in order to play his character. On the other hand, Taira who plays Chizuru having problems interacting with others, also revealed her worry about playing someone who is entirely different from her own personality. As such, she was feeling the pressure so much that she felt the stress and fatigue in her shoulders at the beginning of the filming.

As Nakagawa and Taira are graduating from senior high school this year, their co-stars and the director presented them with a cake with the image of a graduation certificate during the surprise celebration. Nakagawa thanked everyone for their gesture and pledged to work harder in future. For Taira, the filming of the movie coincided with the university entrance exams so she was glad to have made it to the university of her choice and thanked everyone for their support.

Meanwhile, Chiba who was the oldest among the cast to appear at the event (he is 27 now), was teased by his co-stars and the audience for being an ojisan (middle-aged man) but he didn't mind it and said that he is at the age where he hopes to be able to carry himself with dignity.

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