Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kuriyama Chiaki to star in new Kansai TV / FujiTV drama SP "Demo, kekkon shitai! ~ BL Mangaka no kojirase konkatsuki ~"

Kuriyama Chiaki will be starring in the new Kansai TV / FujiTV drama SP "Demo, kekkon shitai! ~ BL Mangaka no kojirase konkatsuki ~" which will be shown at 10pm on 4 April. The drama SP is based on the autobiographical essay-manga by Fujimoto Haruki titled "BL Mangaka desukedo kekkon shitemo ii desuka?" and features Kuriyama as the lead character Fujita Haruko who is a 34-year-old single BL (boys' love) manga artist. As she is surrounded by women at her workplace, she has forgotten how to interact with men and is having trouble finding a suitable marriage partner while finding it difficult to explain to men why she has chosen such a profession. Co-stars include Sano Hinako who plays her assistant Tachibana Kiriko and offers her advice on dating, Kaname Jun who plays Nakano, a mathematics lecturer at an university and meets Haruko at a matchmaking agency, Fujimori Shingo who plays Ikuta, a cat lover introduced to Haruko by Kiriko's boyfriend and Saito Shinji who plays Saito, a pretentious man and meets Haruko at a survival game go-kon.

Kuriyama who is a well-known anime and manga lover in the entertainment circle, revealed that she knows the BL genre well and used to go to Otome Road when she was in her early 20s. As for playing a manga artist for the first time, Kuriyama commented that as she is full of awe towards them as she has never done anything which required her to create something from nothing and doesn't have the ability to draw and create stories. She hopes to be able to show the positive side of Haruko's attempt to break out of her shell and find happiness and called upon viewers to look forward to this drama.

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