Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kankaku Pierrot to sing the theme song for new movie "22 Nenme no Kokuhaku Watashi ga satsujinhan desu"

Kankaku Pierrot will be singing the theme song for new movie "22 Nenme no Kokuhaku Watashi ga satsujinhan desu" starring Fujiwara Tatsuya and Ito Hideaki which will be shown in cinemas from 10 June. The movie which is based on the 2012 South Korean film, begins in the year 1995 where there were 5 peculiar murder cases. The murderer would always get someone close to the victim to witness how he would strangle the victim from behind with a rope but he would let the witnesses go and speak to the media on how the murders happened. Ito plays the role of Makimura, the police detective who was in charge of investigating the serial murders but failed to catch the cunning murderer and his respected superior ended up being killed as well. 22 years later in 2017 when the case is nearing its statute of limitations, a man named Sonezaki claims to be the culprit for the 1995 murders and even publishes a book titled "Watashi ga satsujinhan desu" to talk about the cases. Despite the disgust towards Sonezaki's actions, the intensive attention showered on him via the media and SNS makes him become the talk of town.

The theme song titled "Gimon Gitou" was specially written for the movie after the band watched it. The vocalist Yokoyama Naohiro commented that he was overwhelmed by the aftertaste of the movie and decided to come up with a stimulating-style of rock music to match it. As a result, the song has a blend of strong, coarse and fine elements demonstrated by their musical instruments, melody and lyrics.


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