Sunday, March 19, 2017

FujiTV to broadcast drama SP "Hanji Shikaku!? Bengoshi Natsume Rentaro no Gyakutensousa" in remembrance of Watase Tsunehiko

In remembrance of Watase Tsunehiko who had passed away recently, FujiTV will be showing the drama SP "Hanji Shikaku!? Bengoshi Natsume Rentaro no Gyakutensousa" (The judge's incapacity? The reverse investigation of lawyer Natsume Rentaro) starring him at 7.57pm on 24 March. This affects the drama SP "Sayonara! Obasan Deka Sakura Otome no Jikencho The Last" starring Ichihara Etsuko originally slated for this slot and its new broadcast date will be announced at a later date.

"Hanji Shikaku" was shot in 2014 and features Watase as the lawyer Natsume Rentaro who works together with his daughter Satsuki (Motokariya Yuika) who is also a lawyer, to find out the truth in a mysterious case. Rentaro used to be an excellent judge but was not allowed to extend his term because his judgement turnover time was too long. As such, he becomes a lawyer who doesn't care for his personal gains and would do anything to get to the bottom of things. Satsuki looks on coolly at what her father does but always ends up being dragged into his investigations unwittingly.

The case featured in this drama is a murder involving the president of a real estate company Terakawa Takashi (Ichikawa Isamu) and his wife Midori (Takeshita Akiko) who were found dead in their office. The company was also involved in a moneylending business and the office was ransacked with the safe being left open. On the floor, there lies a discount coupon from a beauty salon and a capsule. A few days later, Koda Masafumi (Kanie Ippei) who works at the beauty salon is arrested. Although he admits to stealing the money, he claims that he did not kill the couple. Nonetheless, he is still given a life imprisonment sentence.

Koda who continues to insist on his innocence, has only 13 days left to file his appeal application. His case is then passed to Rentaro by his senior at university Mochizuki Mutsuo (Tsugawa Masahiko) who is also Koda's lawyer. Upon investigation, Rentaro finds out that Koda was in need of money as he had just opened his hair salon. He was introduced by his friend Nishijima Yuji (Toba Jun) to borrow money from Terakawa who initially rejected his loan request of 10 million yen. Subsequently, he got a call from Terakawa to come to the latter's office saying that the loan can be arranged. When he reached the office, he found the couple already dead and there was 4 million yen in the open space. He then took away the money and did not report the murders to the police.

Source: Oricon

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