Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Drama version of "Ani ni aisaresugite komattemasu" to be shown before the movie's release

The drama version of new movie "Ani ni aisaresugite komattemasu" starring Tsuchiya Tao will be shown before the movie's release on 30 June. The drama which consists of 5 episodes, will feature the same cast from the movie and be shown via NTV from 12 April on Wednesdays.

The movie which is based on popular manga "Ani ni aisaresugite komattemasu" (I am troubled because my elder brother loves me too much) by Yagami Rina, features Tsuchiya as the lead character Tachibana Setoka while her elder brother Haruka is played by Katayose and her first love Serikawa Takamine is played by Chiba Yudai. Setoka is a senior high school student who is unpopular with guys and has 12 failed confessions of love to date. Fortunately, she is doted on by her cool elder brother Haruka. One day, Haruka comes to know that his younger sister is actually not related to him by blood but chooses to keep it as a secret. Just then, Setoka's first love Serikawa who is a rich medical intern now and has a malicious tongue, reappears after they've not met for a few years and the two of them become close again. Soon after, Setoka suddenly experiences newfound popularity with several guys and faces the dilemma of who to choose for the first time in her life. In the drama version, it will explain why Setoka was not popular with guys and how she met the handsome guys in her life.


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